The suspension system of your truck is something that’s sometimes taken for granted. But, the shocks will wear out eventually and suspension repair will be required after supporting a couple of tons of metal every year.  

couple of individuals wrongly think that the suspension is primarily about having a smooth travel. Thus, they believe that fixing it is not as crucial as other maintenance problems. This includes brakes or oil changes.  

The truth is that having a poor suspension can drastically influence your ability to control the truck. This is particularly true when stopping or turning. That’s why it is important that you don’t neglect this aspect of truck maintenance.  

How will you know if it is time to call a Truck repair in Kansas City? Here are a couple of indications that you should look for: 

Try the Bounce Test 

You can try this easy test if you believe that your suspension is going bad (probably because of one or more signs that we’re going to mention later). Press down on the front of your car with all your weight while the car is in park. Bounce it several times. After that, release the car. Do it again on the car’s rear. The suspension is wearing out if the vehicle keeps on bouncing or rocking more than 2 to 3 times after you release it.  

Oily and Damaged Shocks 

Take a look at the struts or shocks directly if you can look under the truck. There is a high possibility that they’re leaking fluid if they appear oily or greasy. Thus, they are not properly working. Perhaps it is time to replace those shocks as soon as possible.  

Uneven Tire Treads 

You should also examine the tires of your truck. Oftentimes, it’s a sign that the suspension is not evenly holding the truck if you see balding spots or if the tread is unevenly wearing down on the tires. Uneven suspension can put uneven amounts of pressure on the tires.  

Nose Dives or Dips When Stopping 

You will probably feel the body of the truck lurching downward and forward nose-first when you firmly apply the brakes. This is particularly true if the shocks are worn out. In fact, this can negatively influence your ability to quickly stop the truck. For those who don’t know, a poor suspension can increase stop time by around 20%. 

Pulling During Turns or Drifting 

Oftentimes, you will feel the car pull or drift whenever you are turning if you’ve got a poor suspension system. Essentially, this means that the shocks aren’t keeping the body of the truck stable against the turn’s centrifugal force. This improves your chances of a rollover. It is time to have your truck fixed if you experience this issue.  

Truck Rides Roughly 

Almost every individual can tell their struts or shocks are wearing out whenever they start to feel each bump while riding or when each bump causes the truck to bounce. A rough ride is a clear indication that the suspension of your truck requires repair.