Pets can bring so much joy and companionship into our lives, but they can also get some unpleasant side effects, namely stains, and odors on our carpets.  

Whether it’s a urine stain from a new puppy or a lingering odor from a senior cat, pet messes can be frustrating and challenging to remove.  

However, with the right approach and effective cleaning techniques, you can get your carpets looking and smelling fresh again.  

In this article, we’ll share some carpet cleaning Flat Rock MI tips to remove pet stains and odors from your carpet, so you can enjoy the company of your furry friends without worrying about the mess.  

Clean Your Pet’s Bed Every Two Weeks 

Typically, this happens if pet owners forget to clean and change their pet’s bedding. The odor from the bedding can overtake the whole house and your pet. Washing your pet’s bedding every two weeks is the only method to get rid of this foul smell.   

Ask for a Professional Help 

It will become much more challenging to eliminate the smell once the urine has dried. You must clean the area extensively before the urine dries out. However, if it is too late, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to examine it and adequately remove the stain and odor. Ensure the company uses safe products for your pets, family, and yourself.   

Be Careful with Food and Toys 

It’s a well-known fact that felines and canines do not like to do their business in the place where they play or eat. Once you’re done cleaning and as the area dries, you need to put a couple of toys and food bowls in that spot to prevent any accidents from happening again.  

Change the Filters Regularly  

It’s always vital to get rid of and change your AC filters if you want to eliminate pet odors. Those foul pet odors will simply keep moving across your entire house if you aren’t changing the filters regularly.   

Don’t Use Products That Contain Harmful Chemicals 

You have to make sure you do not use any cleaning products containing harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, if you’re trying to clean the pet’s urine. This is especially true for your cat’s urine. Doing so will only worsen the case because your cat’s urine also contains ammonia. If choosing the cleaning product, ensure you choose eco-friendly solutions. With this, you can avoid any problems from worsening .   

Use Deodorizers 

Vinegar is the ideal deodorizer for removing pet odor and stains from the carpet. Combine one part of vinegar and one part of lukewarm water to remove pet urine stains from the carpet. Spray the vinegar solution onto the carpet and clean it using a gentle brush. After you clean the area, allow it to dry.   


Pets may be adorable and lovable, but they can cause nasty stains and unpleasant odors on carpets.  

Whether you’re dealing with fresh or set-in stains, urine, or feces, there’s a solution that will work for you.  

Following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to tackle any pet mess on carpet confidently and get back to enjoying your furry friend’s company in a clean and fresh home.