Among the great advantages of an actual Christmas tree includes the many ways you can have it recycled after the holiday season. A lot of neighborhoods provide free recycling of Christmas tree and make woodchips, compost, and mulch from the trees. If you want to know how you can sustainably reuse your Christmas tree after the holiday seasons are over.   

Insulate your garden  

Cut off your tree branches or have your tree trimmed with the help of professional tree service Berkeley providers and lay them on your garden beds to create boughs, which can secure your plants from spring thaws and winter freezes. If you lay these on your garden, you are actually providing your plants a regulated temp for the cold seasons. Moreover, the limbs work great as a garden edge.   

Ash your garden  

After you have burned the wood from your Christmas tree, take the remaining ashes and apply it onto your lawn. Wood ash is comprised of lime and potassium that assists plants to grow. Another way you can do is to combine the ashes into a compost. Apart from that, the ashes will be beneficial to keep insects at bay. But remember not to confuse coal ash with wood ash since coal ash doesn’t provide similar benefits.   

Fish feeder  

Once you drop trees in the water and leave it there, they turn into a prospering reserve for fish. The tree’s weight will serve as an anchor. As time pass by, algae will begin to develop on the tree, which helps feed the fish while securing them from the predators. Inspect and consult with your local officials for you to verify when you can drop your tree within a pond or lake nearby.   


The tree does not need to be thriving for wildlife to thrive and conquest. In fact, you can just try hanging bird feeders to entice birds and watch your tree to become a sanctuary for birds. Some critters will eventually follow while they nest in your tree branches.   


The most typical use for used Christmas tree is to create compost or mulch out of it. Regardless if it is with the needles or woodchips, mulch is a good way to maintain the health condition of your trees. Also, it moist especially in freezing winter time. If you’ve got a pine needle to recycle, take note that they’re packed with nutrients that help in improving your soil’s pH when it is more alkaline. Also, it enables your soil to breathe without being compacted and dense. Make sure to have your pine needles drenched in water and combine it well in your compost pile.   


Since a lot of evergreens are heavy sap trees, they greatly work for firewood once utilized outside. The sap is flammable and the accumulation of creosote can become risky once it’s used inside the house. Moreover, evergreens more likely to burn fast and hot, which makes them perfect to be used for bonfires.