Welcome ;;

Greetings, kind stranger! Welcome to Broken-Body.net, Bianca’s personal domain of fanlistings and character shrines. This collective has been the home to many sites for more than half a decade (true story!), and it’s a pride and joy of mine, despite its various flaws. My personal interests are far and wide, but a large portion of this place has been dedicated to Resident Evil, South Park and Pokémon. Any questions, comments or affiliation requests should be directed through email. So, have a look around, and stay sexy.

Updates ;;

January 08, 2010: The Hikari fanlisting has returned to its original home after spending some time at my other domain, which will soon be closing. Oh, how times have changed. But, Hikari... I'm glad you're home.

November 24, 2009: Even though it's usually eons before I follow through with updating what I mention in a previous update, I actually managed to make some tolerable banners for linking to this site. You can visit the affiliates page to see 'em.

November 23, 2009: Look at this new layout. Mmmm, Sheva, you be lookin’ FINE in that new costume. Shit has been reorganized around here. I really need to upload some new banners for linking to this site, but I am SO LAZY and I really do not care enough, so it may never happen. Otherwise, be thankful for Thanksgiving that I finally got rid of that atrocious South Park layout.